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Alkaline DietEmbark on a journey to rejuvenate your health with our HMD™ Ultimate Detox Program, a natural pathway to cleanse your body of unwanted toxins while shedding excess weight.

With our world constantly bombarded by pollutants, giving our bodies the support they need to detoxify effectively has never been more crucial.

Why Choose the HMD™ Ultimate Detox Program?

Our revolutionary program combines the natural detoxifying power of the HMD™ products with a proven dietary regimen to eliminate toxic metals from your body.

The HMD™ Ultimate Detox Program isn’t just another detox; it’s a comprehensive system designed for deep, all-body cleansing using alkaline foods to restore your body’s natural balance and vitality.

The Power of Synergy: The HMD™ Difference

After extensive research and a $1 million investment, we discovered that the secret to effective detox lies in the unique blend of ingredients in our HMD™ products.

While each ingredient alone showed modest benefits, combined, they create a potent formula that targets toxic metals and promotes overall health.

Your 15-Day Path to Renewed Wellness

Dr. George Georgiou developed the HMD™ Ultimate Detox Diet that focuses on alkaline foods to adjust your body’s pH level, combat acidity, and enhance detoxification. Over 30 years of clinical use have shown its effectiveness in cleansing and revitalizing the body.

Specifically, in his latest book entitled “Why Am I Sick,” in chapter 4, he says:

I am certain that detoxification will one day become a true science, with all the biochemical pathways mapped out of how the body cleanses itself when the detox protocols mentioned here are used.

Do not underestimate the power of these simple protocols – as a clinician, I have seen miraculous changes in many chronically ill patients after detoxifying.

An academically oriented clinical course entitled “Toxicology and Emunctorology” has been written for the Da Vinci Institute of Holistic Medicine that I founded. Emunctorology is the science of detoxification.

So, how do you know that you are toxic? Do you suffer from tiredness, lethargy, a ‘heavy’ feeling, digestive problems, bowel distension, headaches, muscle aches, poor concentration and memory, insomnia, and many other symptoms too numerous to list? All these symptoms can be related to toxins in your body that have accumulated over time. But what are toxins exactly?

A toxin is defined as any compound that has a detrimental effect on cell function or structure. Strictly speaking, scientists differentiate between a “toxin” and a “toxicant” – a toxin is anything that the body produces that is harmful. In contrast, a toxicant is any chemical that enters the body from the outside.

To avoid confusion, this differentiation will not be used here, and toxicants and toxins will be grouped into “toxins,” which is a more familiar expression to all. Whether a toxin causes harm in a particular situation is based on multiple factors such as potency (acute toxicity being the strongest), exposure rate, dose, and individual sensitivity.

Toxins can cause a variety of harmful effects ranging from cancer (carcinogen) to upset stomachs to learning and developmental disorders. The table below shows some common signs and symptoms of toxicity:



Runny nose


Joint pains

Itchy nose


Skin rashes


Frequent colds




Irritated eyes



Sore throat

Immune weakness



Tight neck

Environmental sensitivity

Mood changes


Angina Pectoris

Sinus congestion


Bad breath

Circulatory deficits




High blood fats

Unexplained irritability

Chronic fatigue

Muscle twitching

Signs and Symptoms of Toxicity

Life is toxic! There are toxins in the food you eat, the water you drink and the air you breathe, but we also tend to receive many toxins from birth these days, such as in vaccinations. Even your body produces toxins due to its many metabolic processes that keep you alive.

Signs that detoxification is needed if you have:

  • Unexplained headaches or back pain
  • Joint pain or arthritis
  • Memory failure
  • Depression or lack of energy
  • Brittle nails and hair
  • Abnormal body odor, coated tongue, or bad breath
  • Unexplained weight gain
  • Psoriasis
  • Frequent allergies
  • A history of heavy alcohol use
  • A history of natural and synthetic steroid hormone use
  • An exposure to cleaning solvents, pesticides, diuretics, and certain drugs.

Benefits of detoxification

There are a number of benefits of detoxification such as:

  • The digestive tract is cleansed of accumulated waste and fermenting bacteria.
  • Liver, kidney, and blood purification can occur, which is impossible during regular eating patterns.
  • Mental clarity is enhanced as chemical and food additive overload is reduced.
  • Reduced dependency on habit-forming substances such as sugar, caffeine, nicotine, alcohol, and drugs.
  • The stomach size is returned to normal as bad eating habits can be stopped.
  • The hormonal system is enhanced, especially for growth hormone
  • The immune system is stimulated.

It never ceases to amaze me that most of these symptoms, if not all, can disappear in less than 15 days! After detoxifying on an alkaline diet for 15 days, patients report high energy levels and clear and glowing skin with obvious vitality (I have said on many occasions that I should take before-detox and after-detox photos of patients as the change is striking).

This weight loss of several pounds is an excellent motivating factor to continue with a detox program, as well as clear-headedness, higher thresholds for stress and tension, reduced cellulite, good body tone, and a great relaxed feeling. 

‘How can you achieve this?’ you may ask. Well, the secret is in using a variety of detoxification protocols, which I will share with you below. Detoxification has become a household word and a colloquialism that could mean anything from drinking a glass of carrot juice to entering a detoxification centre if you are an alcoholic or drug addict.

The term has now become a misnomer for many things that it is not. In the context that we are using the term, detoxification is the process of removing the toxins accumulating in the body tissues and organs throughout a person’s life. These toxins will have been acting as metabolism blockers by literally poisoning the cells and not allowing them to function correctly.

The 15 day alkaline detoxification diet (15-DADD)

Most of the patients who come to me for a wide variety of health problems will be placed on the Da Vinci Centre’s 15-day Alkaline Detoxification Diet (15-DADD). This is a diet that I have put together through clinical experience, as well as studying the work of other practitioners[1] who are very well-versed in detoxification – which I believe will be a significant science in the future. Most of my patients can safely follow this 15-day detoxification program except for a few who have other diseases such as diabetes, cancer, heart conditions, low blood pressure, and some neurological diseases.

There are modified protocols for the aforementioned, but a qualified health practitioner should supervise these.

These more complex patients need more thought, and each detoxification regime can be tailored to suit each patient. This is why I take a careful history of each one and examine all their clinical findings.

Given that all is OK to begin the 15-day detox diet, I suggest they eat only fresh fruit, salads, freshly squeezed juices, steamed vegetables, and vegetable soups for 15 consecutive days.

This means that they ONLY eat these foods for the duration, most of which will be rich in the live enzymes, which are the tools required to flush out the toxins from the body. You must be patient and put your mind to it; I cannot emphasize just how important the detoxification diet is to your success!

What will I be eating during the 15-DADD?

I strongly suggest eating as many raw fruits and vegetables as possible, including at least 1-3 fruit and vegetable juices daily. Carrot juice strongly affects the digestive system, provides energy, serves as an important source of minerals, promotes normal elimination, has diuretic properties, and helps build healthy tissue, skin, and teeth.

So, I recommend as many carrot juices as they can handle, mixed with beetroot juice (about 1/3rd of a glass), which are powerful cleansing agents of the body. Beets are said to cleanse the blood and kidneys – in nature, homogenous colors do not occur by accident – it is no coincidence that the red beetroot affects the blood!

I also encourage using a little ‘green juice’ mixed with each carrot juice. This can be anything from fresh parsley, lettuce, kale, collard greens, Swiss chard, alfalfa, cabbage, spinach, turnip greens, watercress, celery, cucumber, green pepper, scallions, coriander, or any other green vegetable in season.

You can place a couple of inches of the green juice in the glass and top it up with carrot juice. All green vegetables contain chlorophyll, which is very oxygenating for the body. It is also an effective antiseptic, cell stimulator, red blood builder, and rejuvenator, helping remove toxic sludge faster. Greens are also super-rich in live enzymes.

I also suggest that each meal begin with raw fruit or vegetables, seasoned with a little lemon, ginger, garlic, coconut or desired herbs. In this way, they are available for digesting the fat, protein, and carbohydrates from the following meal. These vegetable enzymes control or restrict the amount of waste deposited on your adipocytes. Remember to chew all foods thoroughly.

These are the foods that I allow during the detoxification phase – no other family of foods is allowed. You may eat as many foods as you wish, but eating only when you feel hungry is best.

Wash all fruit and vegetables in a bowl of water with 4-5 tablespoons of grape vinegar added (not apple cider vinegar), to help wash away any pesticide/herbicide residues. Rinse afterward with clean water. Here are the foods that you can eat in plenty –, the more you eat and drink, the quicker you detoxify:

  • SALADS – use any fresh vegetables you like, in any combination. Use organic vegetables when available and include bean sprouts when in season. Salad dressings should be simple – a little virgin olive oil with fresh lemon, lime juice, or cider vinegar. Add plenty of fresh onion and garlic – these are very detoxifying!
  • STEAMED VEGETABLES – eat any variety you like, including broccoli, cauliflower, potatoes, beetroot, carrots, etc. Steam instead of boiling, and eat with a little herbal salt, lemon, and a little virgin olive oil, with plenty of garlic. You may also have jacket potatoes with olive oil, garlic, and parsley dressing.
  • VEGETABLE/FRUIT JUICES – drink a minimum of 1-3 per day and try to include one cocktail comprising one-third of a glass of raw green juice (spinach, parsley, cabbage, and any other green vegetables), topped up with carrot juice. There is no limit to the amount of fresh vegetable and fruit juices you may drink daily.
  • FRESH FRUIT – choose the fruit of your choice (preferably organic) and eat as much as you like, whenever you like. You could begin the day with 2-3 pieces of fruit, which are gentle on the digestive system. Make a tasty fruit salad.
  • HERBAL TEAS – choose any of your choices. Chamomile is a good relaxant, aniseed and mint is good for the digestive system, Kombucha, dandelion tea or ‘coffee’ (which is excellent for purifying the blood and detoxifying and stimulating liver function), Sage tea (which is a blood cleanser), or Nettle tea, (which is excellent for driving away excess fluid out of the tissues and is a wonderful cleanser for all the detoxification organs). Drink as many as you like, with a little Stevia if you wish to sweeten them.

You must drink at least 8-10 glasses of still mineral water daily to flush out the toxins. This is VERY IMPORTANT, so please take note!

When the 15 days are over, you should eat the above for a couple more days while gently adding a little protein, such as fresh steamed or grilled fish, organic chicken, pulses, a soft-boiled organic egg, or a little cheese. Go gently on the protein for a couple of days before you begin eating normally again to not overload your digestive system.

Combining the HMD Protocol

During this Alkaline Detox, it would be ideal to begin taking the HMD Protocol to mobilize heavy metals from the body.

The Alkaline Detox diet will facilitate the elimination of these heavy metals from the body.

Dr. Georgiou recommends taking:

HMD (Heavy Metal Detox) – 45 drops for adults three times daily, in a little water, away from food.

HMD LAVAGE – this herbal drainage remedy will further facilitate the elimination of heavy metals and other toxins from the body.

Take 25 drops, three times daily, in a little water, away from food. This can be mixed with the HMD.

ORGANIC CHLORELLA – take 2 capsules twice daily, morning and evening, with meals.

These three products combined are known as the HMD ULTIMATE HEAVY METAL DETOX KIT.

Dr Georgiou recommends taking for 90 days, and there is the 90-DAY HMD ULTIMATE HEAVY METAL DETOX KIT.


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