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These testimonial have been sent to us by satisfied HMD™ customers as well as practitioners who are prescribing our products. If you would like to share your story, please email us at [email protected]


Great Results of hmd

Dr. Hisham Disease: Lead toxicity, paralysis, blindness, depression, vomiting Egypt I’d like to let you know about one of my patients here in Egypt: Lead toxicity,

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  1. Superior quality product. Highly recommend for anyone looking for a gentle effective heavy metal detox.

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  2. A super detox product that helped to boost my energy and made my memory and learning as a student work more efficiently. It’s a strong and an amazing product! I recommend it 100%

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  3. Excellent and it works with Hair Tissue Mineral Analysis test verified. And It feels great each time I try the formula

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  4. I would give 100 stars if I could. I had been heavy metal poisoned for over 25 years from gadolinium MRI contrast and this product has started me down the path of gaining my life back. I cannot express my gratitude and thankfulness enough. There are no words. Kelly. Reach me at [email protected] for my story

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  5. I got my levels of heavy metals measured before and then after over 8 months of daily use of the HMD chelator.

    All my levels of heavy metals (in particular Al, Hg, Cd but also may other metals with less problematic levels) went down dramatically.

    HMD freed me from chronic headaches that I had suffered from for many years.

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  6. After 3500 hours of research, I can affirm that this is one of the best carcinogen detoxification compounds on the market.

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  7. I wish I could have gotten the 5% discount I was offered to help me with shipping cost as I’m on low income from brain tumor medical issue. Do not display my name on any social media.

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  8. This is the product I have searched for since getting heavy metal toxicity 45 years ago. All others made me ill and I needed to slow down the detoxification. I am so grateful for this product ! I very highly recommend it!!

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  9. Life changing products for those who are mentally affected by heavy metals. Big difference in memory and emotional regulation.

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  10. Have not had enough time to determine if it works but I can tell that things are being moved. Hoping for success.

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