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hair2Many people ask us ‘How do I know that I have toxic metals in my body and how can I monitor changes after using HMD™?’

Testing for Toxins is not entirely straightforward – it is impossible to measure the total amount of toxins and heavy metals in a living human being! The best we can do is measure what is circulating in the blood in a certain period of time.

One of the simplest, cheapest and least invasive ways of determining your levels of toxic metals and other nutrients is to use the HMD Hair Test. 


THE HMD HAIR TEST: A Toxic Metals and Hair Mineral Analysis Screening Test

Once the hair is cut, it is sent to a certified US lab that is well established in the field of hair analysis.

The HMD Hair test is a real innovation in health testing, using Inductively Coupled Plasma – Mass Spectrometers which are capable of detecting to parts per billion levels. It tests the hair shaft for a variety of minerals, trace elements and heavy metals such as:

  • 8 toxic or heavy metals (antimony, arsenic, aluminium, beryllium, cadmium, lead, mercury, uranium)
  • 29 minerals and trace elements (calcium, magnesium, potassium, sodium, copper, zinc, phosphorus, iron, manganese, chromium, selenium, boron, cobalt, molybdenum, sulphur, germanium, barium, bismuth, rubidium, lithium, nickel, platinum, thallium, vanadium, strontium, tin, titanium, tungsten, zirconium)
  • Ratios of minerals such as calcium/phosphorus, sodium/potassium, calcium/potassium, zinc/copper, sodium/magnesium, calcium/magnesium, iron/copper
  • Ratios of toxic metals to minerals such as calcium/lead, iron/lead, iron/mercury, selenium/mercury, zinc/cadmium, zinc/mercury, sulphur/mercury, sulphur/cadmium, sulphur/lead

Once the laboratory receives your hair sample and returns the results, we will send you a personal report of your detailed test results, including advice and recommendations from Dr Georgiou, the inventor of HMD™, about the meaning of the results and what you can do to improve your health status.

Should you want to have a phone consultation with Dr. Georgiou to discuss further health issues, this is also possible.

When you purchase the HMD Hair Test, you will be able to download an online submission form. Please note that this submittal form, as well as detailed instructions, will only be available once you purchase this product.

The steps are really quite simple:

1. Make the purchase online using our secure servers by clicking on the “Add to Cart” button above – the cost is $120 USD

2. Download and complete the submittal form (only once you have made the

3. Collect the hair sample according to the instructions given and send to the address as given in Cyprus.

4. Within 3-4 weeks of your hair sample arriving, you will receive recommendations and the results by Dr Georgiou in person, sent directly to your email address.

You can see a Sample Report here

Please see our Hair Test section for more information.

We are now able to offer you  hair testing via our site. The HMD HAIR TEST is being conducted by a reputable UK laboratory. It includes a full report (10 or more pages) as well as personalised explanations and recommendations by Dr. Georgiou. 

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How Do I Know HMD™ is Actually Working?

A Hair Test can also be used to test the effectiveness of a detox agent such as HMD™

This requires that you take a hair test before, during and after treatment.

You would need to take one sample before starting your HMD™ Detox, another one after two months and the final sample after 4 months. The HMD Ultimate Detox Program should be followed during the entire time. Low levels of toxic metals in your first hair analysis do not mean that you are toxin free! There may not be any metals circulating in your blood, but you could still have plenty of metals stored in your body tissues and organs.

Two months after starting your detox, the second hair test will most likely show higher concentrations of toxins – this means that HMD™ is working effectively and your body has started to eliminate toxins from their storage sites in the tissues and organs.

Make sure you are also taking our LAVAGE and CHLORELLA to help your body eliminate all those nasty heavy metals! You will need to continue with your detox program until toxins have been fully eliminated.

hair3In the final test the level of toxins should have subsided as storage locations have been depleted and the body is now healthy and free of toxins. If the third test still shows high levels of toxins, it’s an indication that you were very toxic to begin and still have toxic metals stored in your organs and tissues.

This is an indication that you will need to continue with your detox program until toxins have been fully eliminated. However, if you are still exposed to the original source of toxicity, such as amalgam dental fillings, repeat the hair test in a couple of months and if the test still shows high levels of heavy metals, then continue with the HMD™ protocol for a further 2 months until you repeat the hair test again.

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